ND Office Automation Secretaryship

The vocational training programme in Office Automation Secretaryship is open to persons with at least the level of Lower Sixth or Form 4 in the technical and commercial schools or who prove that they have attained this level, and to persons who have acquired some skills. In addition, these persons must pass the vocational orientation test and the pre-training test, (if necessary). The period of training is 10 months: 8 of which are spent in classroom training and 2 months in the professional environment, the programme comprises 12 modules at the end of which is issued a Vocational Qualification Diploma in Office Automation Secretaryship

Training Objectives

The aims of the Office Automation Secretaryship Programme are defined from the general objectives
of the vocational training taking into consideration the working situation. The goal of the training is to
equip the students with practical skills in the Secretaryship and Office Automation trade, taking into
consideration the labour market situation and demand.

Programme Outline (Summary)

  1. Basic French Knowledge
  2. Basic English Knowledge
  3. Sensitization on STI/STD/HIV/AIDS
  4. Professional life
  5. Integration into working life
  6. Performance of office and computer tasks
  7. Reception and communication
  8. Information management
  9. Filing and archiving of documents
  10. Activities organization
  11. Supervision of work team
  12. Carrying out Internship in a Company

Entry Requirements and Other Info

Course name: Office Automation Secretaryship
Sector: Secretatyship
Branch: Communication Technology
Speciality: Office Automation Secretaryship
Reference Activity:  Service
Course Type: Elementary
Admission Age: At least 18 years old
Requirement: None
Minimum required certificate or academic level: GCE OL or form IV
Duration of training course: 10 months, including internship period
Training premises: Training Centre and vocational milieu
End- of -course certificate: Vocational Qualification Diploma

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