Our Mission
Our ultimate mission is to help people, discover and connect with local businesses in their communities.

You should know
At Wasamundi, you can find businesses, products, services and people in Cameroon. You can talk about the businesses you have been to, rate, add pictures for and share these on social media. You can add places, add photos for, talk about and share these on social media. Business owners can control their businesses. We currently serve local businesses across more than 5 Regions of Cameroon.: Buea, Limbe, Yaounde, Bamenda, Douala among others. Thanks to our love for innovation and experimentation at Wasamundi, we have been able to develop several first class products and services for our community and the world.

Our Products or Apps
wasaHOSTEL, an online platform simplifying search for student housing.
wasaTEXTO, links peer to peer and businesses to consumers through instant text message updates worldwide.
wasaME, is a url shortener which provides businesses on wasamundi with a simplified unique web ID. Wasamundi also constructs websites for other companies.

Wasamundi.com is a product of Wasamundi, which was formed, in , 2011.

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Buea Institute of Technology

Malingo Street, Molyko - Buea
South West Region, Cameroon
Tel: (237)74878693
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