Web Applications Development

BIT’s Web Applications Development course equips aspiring web developers with a deep understanding of the workings of web applications as well as the necessary programming skills that will enable them to create and manage their own web applications. This course will look at both client side and server side scripting while also building in them the capacity to engineer and deploy aesthetically attractive and practical web applications.

Programme Outline (Summary)

The Web Applications Development course will consist of the following 7 modules:

  1. Introducing Web Applications
  2. HTML and CSS for Programmers
  3. Responsive Design for Mobile
  4. Server-side Scripting (PHP & MySQL)
  5. Client-side Scripting (JavaScript)
  6. Introducing XML, Ajax & Python
  7. Web Hosting and Website Update
  8. Introduction to Web Services and API Development
  9. System Modeling and Use Cases
  10. Basics of Linux Commands and Server Administration
  11. Security Systems
  12. Versioning systems as GIT and SVN
  13. Content Management Systems (Modules / Plugins / Theme Development)

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